Coming Soon!

Hey there, welcome to my blog! We’re not abroad yet, but I’ll be posting about France once I’m there in September. In the meantime, here’s what’s been happening in the UK:

My name’s Hugh, and I’m a student at York St John University. I’ve just completed my first year, and now I’m getting ready for the year abroad. I’m studying TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and French, so my year’s going to be in France. I’ll be at the Université de Clermont-Auvergne with the Erasmus program. So that I can look back on my experiences, and hopefully be able to help future students going abroad, I’ll be writing on this blog every now and again. I’ll have a schedule sorted out later on.

Currently, I’m in the packing stage. My family has recently moved to France, so I’ll be staying with them this summer, then they’ll be taking me to my host university. I’ve been surprised by just how much stuff I own! For my first year, I stayed with my grandparents rather than student accommodation, so that I could save money, and because I’m from York anyway. However, this means lots of my possessions are spread around the house, making packing an absolute nightmare. But I’m getting there, not much left to do. Luckily my parents’ place has a dry storage area, so anything I don’t need I can leave there. We still need to book a van to get my stuff to France, and the ferry to cross the Channel, of course.

In regards to paperwork, I think I’m up to date with everything. All I have left to do is to sort out my student EHIC. For those who don’t know, an EHIC is a ‘European Health Insurance Card’. It basically says that I get my healthcare either free or at a reduced price when I’m abroad in any EEA (European Economic Area) countries. A student EHIC covers me for longer than a standard one as I’ll be there for more than a few weeks.

Anyway, I’ll leave this post here for now. I’ll post again either when everything’s packed and ready to go, or once I’m in France. Have a great day! Bonne journée