And we’re off!

July 2nd 2018. The day I started my year abroad. I’m writing this from the ferry as the World Cup is shown on a projector, and the air con is blasting, somehow making it warmer outside than in. All my possessions are nice and secure in the vehicle hold, save for my carry-on bag which is full of items I might need at any given moment. Meaning most of the stuff in there is absolutely pointless at the current moment. Let me take you back to the start of a long, exhausting day.

We picked the van up first thing this morning and got to loading it up right away. Taking around 30 minutes to do, I could really see the mark I’d made on my grandparents’ house once everything off mine was sat in the back of a Ford Transit. My room was bare, so empty it now echoes. The jungle in the conservatory has now gone, leaving it bland and lifeless. It was shocking to see just how much stuff I’d acquired in one year. Clothes, houseplants, bits and bobs, the list could go on.

We set off at about half nine in the morning, hopefully leaving us plenty of time to get from York to Portsmouth. We planned to make a quick stopover in Leicester to get a bite to eat and have a quick catch up with my aunt. It also gave the van a well-deserved rest. As to be expected, there were roadworks left, right and centre on the M1, and it didn’t get much better on the side roads. The traffic followed suit, with delays and congestion aplenty after Oxford. Despite the setbacks and a phone almost overheating, we managed to make it to Portsmouth in one piece.

We won’t be in France until first thing tomorrow morning, but I’ve got plenty of opportunities to use my French on the ferry, not only with the French-speaking staff, but by translating everything for my Grandad, who seems to enjoy listening to people speaking the language.

Now it’s time to relax and unwind and enjoy our traverseBonsoir tout le monde, et j’espère que vous auraient une bonne journée !