T-Minus 13 Days and Counting

The countdown starts now.

Well, it should have happened yesterday. Two weeks would have made more sense but unfortunately I don’t own a TARDIS, so I can’t hop back 24 hours and re-write this post.

I’ve saved a digital copy of my personal inventory to my Google Drive so I can access it from anywhere should something go wrong, and I made a different copy for my stuff at university. This way, I don’t need to take hours sorting through what I want to take. I can simply delete out what I’m not taking and shorten the document. I managed to cut my document from 9 pages down to 4, so I hopefully won’t need to repack too much.

My insurance is also sorted out for my room. Although York St John provide personal insurance with Axa, it doesn’t cover my possessions. And besides, I needed to take it out to make a meeting to collect my keys. Luckily, it’s only one payment for me, as I only pay around 30€ for the full year. This should cover me for fire, water damage and theft, so I’m well covered should anything happen.

All I need to do now is carry on with my Erasmus Online Linguistic Support to make sure my French is up to scratch. Especially for when I get a job in Clermont-Ferrand, it’s rather important that I can understand people. I absolutely don’t want to have to resort to using English. That’s not what I’m there for. I have a strange feeling that I look English. I’m not sure how, but when I was in Paris, people kept assuming I was English and spoke to me in it, despite me replying in French. I think it’s my accent, I know I don’t sound like a native speaker, but a year surrounded by them should help.

I’m really looking forward to being employed again. I’ve missed having an income and interacting with people all day. Obviously studying comes first, but a job will be important for one of my modules later on. Why not get one early and get used to working in France? Another thing I’d like to do more is travel. Luckily, France borders with plenty of countries I haven’t visited yet, and most should be accessible via train from Clermont-Ferrand. I’d have to plan for when I have weeks off, such as during the holidays, and when I’m not working. I always have wanderlust, so travel of any kind will be fun. Berlin, Paris (again), Rome, London (again), Luxembourg City, a tour of Europe would be fun; I need money and time for this, though.

I’ll leave this here for now, I aim to post again when I’m in Clermont-Ferrand in a fortnight. If you haven’t already done so, please check out my Instagram @hughmiller for more frequent updates on my everyday life. My Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/jesuisintroverti, and my Twitter handle is @hughmillerrBonne journée !

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