What a Long Island Iced Week!

Hey everyone, I hope you’re having a fantastic Sunday. Got your tea? Iced or English breakfast? An iced tea sounds quite nice. Wait… that’s kind of like the title! What a coincidence…

I’ve gone out for drinks every day this week from Tuesday. I won’t go into too much detail about what exactly I had, mainly because one of the cocktails has a rude name. And because the name of one alcohol can bring back bad memories for some people.

There was also a Long Island Iced Tea in a cafe/bar called Delerium, but I must warn you just a large one of these can get you pretty tipsy. If I remember, there’s one shot of vodka, one shot of gin, one shot of rum, one of tequila and one of triple sec Curaçao, topped up with iced tea. It tastes absolutely amazing, but you have to be very careful. One of the upsides of going out most nights this week is that I now know of some really great places to go. There’s the Keystone (where we’re now regulars), l’ostrog (which is really posh and has weird flavoured Mojitos), La Tête Dans Le Pion (which is a board-game café/bar) and The Still Irish bar.

Apart from my drinking this week, I’ve also booked a trip to Berlin next week. I’ll be leaving on the Friday morning to arrive Saturday morning. Because train tickets were very expensive, I booked a bus/coach journey instead. And because Berlin is around 1050km away, it’s going to be a long journey. But I’m not complaining; I managed to get a return journey on the coach plus a 3 night stay in an Airbnb for just over 200€. I also bought the Lonely Planet guide to go along with the trip, because they have plenty of suggestions for all price ranges and interests. For example, they suggest attractions for those with children, free attractions, and things for people more adventurous in a certain department, if you get what I mean. After all, Berlin is a city of sexual freedom and partying. Apparently, you can go out in pretty much anything and nobody would bat an eyelid. Not that I would personally, but it’s good to know that if I end up looking like I’ve come from a crazy fashion show I can pull it off with confidence. Anyway, I want to be able to record where I’ve been in the world without completely showing it off. I have one of those scratch-off maps for countries, but I might buy a Lonely Planet guide for each major city I visit. I bought the guide for Paris at the same time as the Berlin guide, so maybe I should pick up the London guide, or plan a trip to somewhere like Oslo.

So, next week will be full of new content. Not only will there be every day of my trip over the weekend, but the usual Sunday catch-up will be there as well as The Into Page’s November update. Lucky you!

Let me tell you, writing this post so far has been a struggle. I bought a French keyboard the other day, because I might as well get used to using one for when I do work in the library. However, the keys are all slightly different. For example, a standard British keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard, but in France it’s AZERTY. Having the A and Q swapped isn’t too bad, but it gets annoying with the W and Z, and especially with M. For some reason, you have to press SHIFT (or MAJ) to do a full stop, and again for numbers. The number keys have been replaced with accents and brackets. Some characters require you to use Alt Gr then the key. For the @ symbol, it’s Alt Gr + 0 (or should I say à), and for a hashtag (#) it’s Alt Gr + 3 (or “). While it can make writing essays easier in French, with the accents being readily available, it makes typing in English a bit tricky.

Image result for qwerty vs azerty
Source: https://bit.ly/2Cxjjfb

On Thursday, me and two other people went to a spa just outside of town called Royatonic. Although the massage and beauty area had to have tickets bought in advance, the rest of the centre was open to use. For just 15€ as a student (20€ for an adult ticket), you get two and a half hours to use the pools, saunas, jacuzzis, cold-and-hot water baths and relaxation area. I’ll definitely be going back, why not for the price? They had some interesting looking self-care kits that I might have to research for Christmas presents.

Speaking of Christmas, it’s really starting to creep up on us. It’s only 65 days today! I don’t want to think about that just yet, we haven’t even had Halloween yet. And you folks across the pond in the US, you haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet. Is it just me or is this year speeding by too quickly? When I arrived here, the trees outside my window were still green, but now one’s all brown and the other has almost lost all its leaves. I’ve been told there’s snow predicted for next weekend in Clermont, so let me tell you I’ll be glad to not be here. I do like snow, but let me enjoy Autumn first!

And on that note, I’m going to leave you here for this week. I’ll see you again on Saturday. I don’t think I’ll post on Friday, because I’ll be on the coach but if you’re interested in all the details, make sure to check out my Instagram story at instagram.com/hughmillerr. I’ll be doing the same over the weekend as well as posting plenty of snaps so you can quench your thirst for content. I hope you have a fantastic morning, afternoon, evening or night whichever continent you’re in! À bientôt! Or should I say Bis später!