Another Week, Another Post

Hey guys, how are you doing today? I have to admit, I didn’t keep my promise from last week. I am slightly hung over from last night.

Well, not too hung over apart from a sore throat and half my voice left. I had to help a very drunk girl home at half three this morning in the freezing cold. Isn’t it an amazing feeling to walk into somewhere with heating after walking around for ages in the cold?

Anyway, besides my weekly workout last night, I’ve been doing some other interesting things. In preparation for my birthday, I bought a pair of 70’s platform shoes and some disco flares from Amazon. If you hadn’t already guessed from this, we’re doing a 70’s theme for a night out, complete with fluffy hair and an extra few feet added to my height. I couldn’t find online a reasonably-priced disco shirt, so I instead went to a vintage clothing shop in the town centre. It’s a pay-by-weight shop, so I picked up an orange polyester shirt (with the massive collar of course) and an awful suede jacket. Hopefully when everything’s put together I’ll look absolutely ridiculous. I got the shoes through yesterday and I could probably reuse them in a punk/goth ensemble or a really edgy/haute-couture outfit, but apart from that I’m not too sure. The shirt’s not that bad, it’s a muted orange colour so that can be used again. I might wear the jacket ironically, but I have a feeling the flares will be a one-time wear. Unless another retro night comes up that is. Just to test out the French reaction to something bizarre, I took the tram to a Carnet de Voyage event and stopped off at a McDonalds. (I missed the event in the end, but that’s not the point). I was surprised at how few funny looks I was given walking down the street in a pair of shiny black platform shoes. Maybe it was because everything else I was wearing was more conservative, or maybe it was that people simply don’t care. I know I wouldn’t, but it gives me a little more confidence for when I’m fully costumed up. 

I got a little bit more Christmas shopping done as well this week while I could. There was a set of comic books I picked up (which I would have bought later but I didn’t want to risk them being sold out), a book about songs from the island of Corsica and a Harry Potter book. I’m not going to say who they’re for since I know family members will be reading this. I’m watching you lot, no peeking! It’s getting hard to not get into the Christmas spirit, now that there’s a massive tree in the town centre and the lights are starting to go up on the buildings. In some shops they’ve even started to play Christmas music with the massive section of glittery decorations and novelty Santa mugs. Spotify keeps recommending Christmas playlists and I keep getting asked what I want for Christmas. I might just give in and start wearing a reindeer headband.

Source: La Montagne

On the university side of things, everything’s starting to fall into place, piece by piece. Now that I can understand the teachers I can actually start to take in the information and learn things. One thing that I still struggle with, though, is understanding people who speak quietly or from a distance. For example, as part of my STAR module, we visited a courtroom on Wednesday to observe a real trial. I don’t want to go into too much detail (since I don’t know if it’s allowed), but I struggled to hear what the judge was saying since he didn’t have a microphone. On the other hand, the lawyer representing the victims made a very compelling speech as to why the accused should be prosecuted. To be honest I would have liked to see them prosecuted, but we had to leave before the end of the trial so we never got to see the outcome. 

Apparently it’s due to snow sometime in the coming week, which will really cement the fact that it’s nearly winter. It’s already starting to get very cold on a night, and I have to start shutting my window. It’s weird, at the start of October I was complaining that it was too cold, and once they put the heating on I was too warm. But now it’s starting to get to the right temperature to have the heating on. Not like I have much of a choice. Everyone in the residence got an email the other day saying we could turn off the radiator if we’re too warm. I’m not sure how they expect us to do it, since each room seems to have it’s radiator in a slightly different spot on the wall. In my case, the built in desk unit sits right in the way of the knob to turn down the heat, and in other rooms the radiator is placed even further behind the desk. 

Anyway, that’s all the posting for today. I’ll leave you here so I can either cook or freeze to death in my box room. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, whichever continent and time zone you’re in! A bientôt!