Hello December!

Hello everybody! How are you all doing this fine Sunday? I hope you’re getting ready for all the celebrations happening this month, I know I am.

While I’m getting ready for Christmas with my mini tree and icicle lights, I know Jewish people will be preparing for Hanukkah, they’re getting ready for the Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, St. Lucia Day in Sweden, Kwanzaa for African Americans, Omisoka in Japan, and for the Pagans, Yule and Saturnalia. For Christians, we can’t forget Three Kings Day and St. Nicholas Day. So since there are so many celebrations this time of year, it’s important to appreciate that other people might not do things how you do. And that’s okay, because everybody’s different.

For me personally, I always celebrate with a Christmas tree, whether it’s a big one at home, or a small version for my desk. I wrap some battery-operated lights around it, hand on a few baubles and it’s looking nice and festive. This year I went for a silver theme, and I bought a cheap pack of clear baubles to go along with it. For anyone in France, Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands, check out a shop called HEMA (hema.fr (France) hema.be/ (Belgium) hemashop.com/gb/ (UK) hema.nl/ (The Netherlands)), they have a fantastic range of Christmas products for quite cheap. 

Last night we all went out for some drinks on a ’12 Pubs of Christmas’ event. Well, it turned out to only be six, because the organiser couldn’t think of 12. And because it was the 1st of December, it was supposed to be Christmas attire. When someone tells me to dress in a Christmas jumper, I go all out. I had my jumper, red Christmas socks, a Santa bow-tie, a red shirt, and a Santa hat with a detachable beard. However, some people only had a simple jumper, and others didn’t even have one. To say I stuck out a bit is a massive understatement. At least when we got to a place in Centre Jaude it didn’t feel as weird, since the Christmas tree is up, along with a giant wheel for people to get a good view of the Auvergne region. 

Now that December’s rolled around, exams are starting to rear their ugly heads. After the 10th (my birthday by the way), I’ll have 4 exams in one week, as well as a diary due in. And then only a few days before I leave, I have my general French exam. Usually, I wouldn’t be worried about exams, but we haven’t been given any information on the layout of the exams or the style of questions. All I can do at this stage is try to cram everything in just in case it all appears. The other day, I bought a corkboard to try and have exam dates and homework due dates all in one place, as well as blog tasks so I don’t forget (such as updating The Into Page every month – check out the December issue at the top of the page in the menu). 

Which reminds me, I need to book my journey home in January. Annoyingly, I have an exam on the 10th, so I need to cut my planned time at home short. I thought I had just under a month, since lessons start again on the 22nd of January, and we have a welcome meeting before then. I’m looking forward to actually going to it this time, so I know what I’m doing. So regarding the Christmas holidays, I booked my journey back home in October to get it cheaper, but journeys in January weren’t available at the time. Since I thought I’d be coming back later than I expected, I’d been leaving booking tickets for a while until they were available. I could either spend nearly £100 on a train ticket and spend literally all day travelling but set off at a reasonable time, or I could spend around 35€ for a coach journey that takes half the time, but leaves at about half 6 in the morning. I mean, I hate getting up early. But I also hate unnecessarily spending extra money so I think I’ll stick with the latter. 

Now, I think that’ll do for today’s post. I’ll leave you here while I run to the launderette to do my washing, and I finish hanging up my wall lights. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, whichever continent and time zone you’re in! A bientôt!

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