Nine twelve eighteen… twenty?

Hey there, how are you all today? Welcome to another Sunday post! It’s weird to think there are only a few more to go this year.

This year has gone by so quickly, it’s crazy. I could probably tell you about a day in March and remember most of it. But on the other hand, the past three months in France have sped by so quickly that when we talk about our experience, someone will be talking about a certain night and I had forgotten about it completely. 

Also soon coming up are exams. I’m feeling pretty confident that I can get through them okay, assuming the gilets jaunes don’t trap us in the building (for more info on these, check out my post High Alert). Apparently this has been known to happen. I hope there isn’t conversation included in my Polish, since we haven’t done any practice at all.

Once my exams are over with, I’ll be happy. I can’t wait to be able to just relax and get other stuff done. I have a massive bag of clothes that needs ironing, but I need to focus on exams this week. Judging by how suddenly we’ve got to this point in the year, I’ll be packing my suitcase to go home for Christmas before I know it. I might have to buy another suitcase, actually, because I need to pack up gifts for my family as well as clothes, and stuff I’m taking back with me. When I was packing to come here, I didn’t know what I would and wouldn’t need, but I’ve found at this stage I have too much with me. Once I’ve taken back what I don’t need, I think I’ll feel more organised. Most of this stuff is clothing, because I didn’t know what kind of weather we’d be getting. I packed lots of jumpers expecting the later months to be freezing cold, but they’ve turned out to be relatively mild. 

I’ve already planned to do a lot next semester, more than I have already. There’s so much I wanted to do this semester but never got round to it:

  • Paragliding at the Puy-de-Dome
  • Skiing
  • Travelling around France
  • Visit the cathedral
  • Try more of the local cuisine
  • Try to cook some of the local cuisine

I’ll probably add a lot more to that list once I discover new things to do. I’m in the mindset that I might as well enjoy myself and try exiting things while I still can. It’s not like I’ll be able to para-glide off a dormant volcano everyday! 

Tomorrow I get to celebrate a milestone in my life. I’m turning 20 and it’s going to feel so weird. Going from 10 to 20 has felt like a massive leap, probably because I’ve gone from the end of primary school, through secondary school and my GCSEs, to college for my A-levels, and now to uni. And so much has happened in this time. When I turned 10, I would never have dreamed that I’d be living abroad, paying my own bills and speaking French every day. When I was 16, I desperately wanted to be 20. Now that I am, I kind of want to go back and relive my childhood. But then I remember just how far I have to go and how much I can do. 

The weirdest part, though, will be remembering to write a ‘2’ at the start of my age. For literally half my life, I’ve habitually put a ‘1’ first but now it’s different. That probably sounds really weird to some people, but that’s just how I think. Oh, and I hate having to scroll down for a while online to find my birth year. I mean realistically, 1998 isn’t that long ago for many people, but I’ve always had it nearer the top. My mum said to me to wait until I turn 40, then I’ll feel old. 

Anyway, enough about how old I feel. I better leave this post here and get some sleep. I have an exam at 8am after all! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, whichever continent and time zone you’re in! A bientôt!