Last Post Of The Year

Hey guys, I hope you had a good festive period! Already, it’s the 30th of December, and nearly the new year. Today’s post is the last one of 2018, unless I write one tomorrow before midnight.

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who has been reading my posts from the very beginning. The blog started off as a personal diary of my year of study abroad and now you lovely people are spread around the world. From France to Thailand, I’m extremely grateful for my readers, because I get to share my experiences around the world and you get to see what it’s actually like to study abroad right as it’s happening.

And now, for the main post.

So last week’s post was Christmas Eve Eve (the day before Christmas Eve), and I finished up that evening. The next day was mostly spent at the shops, getting everything for Christmas dinner (and for my sisters to spend their pocket money). Once we got back, it was time to set up my mum’s main Christmas present. It was an inflatable hot-tub/jacuzzi situation, and it takes about 24 hours for the water to heat up to 40 degrees (Celsius). So, if we were going in it on Christmas Day, it had to be set up the day before. When this was done, we could sit down for tea, and relax for the evening.

Christmas Day was a very busy day. As per tradition, the kids were up very early to check out their presents (waking me up as well), then waiting an hour or two for my parents to get up. Once my stepdad was downstairs, the manic started. For my little brother, I bought a toy Trabant (a car in the GDR) from Berlin and a book about Corsican songs. For the younger sister, a hand-held microscope, a comic book and a few books in French. For the older sister, a comic book set, and a few things from Lush. For my mum, some German chocolate, Lush stuff, and a novelty mug. For my stepdad, a book on beard-care, a book about cooking over an open fire, and a bag of beard-care accessories. After all the presents had been opened, we all had a go in the hot-tub then my mum, my sisters and I went on a bike ride with their new bikes while Christmas dinner was cooking. When we got back, we pigged out on sweets and chocolates, then had a lovely dinner. It was home-made cheesecake for pudding, then a 3-hour game of Monopoly (I almost won, but got too cocky).

With Boxing Day came another tradition; a long family walk. A long one indeed! We took the long way round to get to a fountain that wasn’t actually a fountain in the end. The evening was spent relaxing in front of the fire and watching films (and pigging out on more chocolate and sweets). The cheesecake made another appearance (and didn’t actually leave again until yesterday).

The rest of this week was spent mostly at home, either lounging around, raking leaves or throwing them on the bonfire. Then today came my sister’s birthday! I’d bought her a French game called Time’s Up! (which you can buy in English from here). We’re going to a restaurant called Buffalo Grill, which I’ve heard lots about but never been to.

For New Year’s, I’m most definitely spending it here, since there’s only one pub in the local area. I’ll probably stay up to past midnight, maybe play some videogames, then call it a night. A big difference from last year, when I went to London to see the fireworks.

I’ll leave this post here for today I think. Next week’s post will of course be on the 6th of January, 2019. Thank you again for reading my blog, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, whichever continent and time zone you’re in, and I hope you have a very Happy New Year! A bientôt, et Bonne Année!