Finally February

Hey guys, how are you all doing today? It’s finally February, after what feels like a good few months! And what a busy past week I’ve had!

Most of the week has been spent in various coffee shops working out what classes to take and calculating credits. I need at least 18 more, which should be 6 more classes (assuming they’re all worth 3 credits). It does make it easier when you have someone else there to discuss things with, not only with timetable issues but in general. Not only have I been studying class lists over coffee, but also major blog planning.

Since I’ve had a lot of free time lately, I’ve planned a few midweek posts to complement the weekly Sunday posts. Also to shut Facebook up reminding me that I ‘haven’t written a post in a while’. Anyway, I have a series coming up soon, with the first part this Wednesday 6th February. It’ll be a 3-part series exploring the town I’m living in, Clermont-Ferrand. We’re starting with the history of the town and how it came to be known. The second part is also planned out, and I’ll tell you all about the topic and dates in time.

Just so I can also bulk out the blog and give you plenty to read, I’m also planning on posting some of my common recipes, which could also give any student readers some ideas for cooking fresh rather than getting a takeaway.

To record all of my coffee-fuelled ideas and thoughts, I bought a lovely notebook from the Pop Art Factory that I mentioned last week. It’s based of Keith Haring’s cartoonish style, which some may recognise as the style of the Change4Life campaign, a UK campaign dedicated to reduce childhood obesity by encouraging healthy eating and exercise. I really love the style of this notebook, and I feel really organised when I sit down in a coffee shop and read over my blog notes. I think that’s all I’m going to use it for, otherwise I won’t find anything amongst all the hastily scribbled sentences as the shop closes or I’m approaching my tram stop.

If you’re interested in buying it (I’m not sponsored – I wish!), it’s on Amazon here (the UK site, not sure about other countries, so you might need to pay in GBP or change the to your country’s domain like .fr or .de). Or alternatively on Asos, although it’s currently out of stock. If you’re in Clermont-Ferrand, take a trip to the Pop Art Factory and buy a copy for yourself, and have a browse through their other products.

In other news, I finally got my student loan through the other day, so I can relax a little now I shouldn’t run out of money after rent. Of course, I know not to splash it all out at once, so I’m still shopping discount and avoiding eating out as much as I can. We’ll call this week a write off, then! Monday began with a trip to a local sushi joint (wow, that sounded American), where they have a menu with so many amazing options. We had a while to decide, and I still hadn’t chosen by the time the waiter came round. Although I’m usually indecisive about what to eat when picking from a menu. I ended up choosing the Sushi Pharaon; 6 raw tuna fish, avocado and mango, 4 salmon sushi. Delicious and healthy!

On Thursday, we discovered a new place for coffee, the Quetzal Cafe. It’s right next to the Australian Coffee House, and seems to be at the stage where people know of it but it isn’t widely known yet. I like this time, because you can sit and work in peace with a little bit of activity around you. Plus, there’s a lovely view of the cathedral from the front window. The coffee itself is good, I wouldn’t say incredible but it’s better than many places, and makes great Instagram photos. I’ll actually have some more info on this place, and others, in a later post this month.

So despite having no lessons yet, I’m proud of myself for being productive all week! Hopefully I haven’t jinxed it…

Anyway, I think I’ll leave this post here for today so I can go and cook for the week, then declutter my workspace and have an organised desk as well as an organised mind! Remember to keep an eye out for Wednesday’s post, I hope you find it interesting as well as informative, since I’ve done a lot of research for it. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, whichever continent and time zone you’re in! A bientôt!